Smooth-jet nozzles

Smooth-jet nozzles (also called full jet nozzles) from Düsenfabrik are exceptionally well-suited for applications which require bundled jet power. Up to 4500 bar pressure can be achieved with our smooth-jet nozzles. Thus, even the hardest materials can be removed, pierced, broken, or cut. Our nozzles perform precision work especially in cleaning processes and cutting processes as well as any process which requires a targeted punctiform impact.

The smooth-jet nozzles from Düsenfabrik are exclusively manufactured in Germany and are subject to strict quality standards. We carry out a thorough inspection of all our nozzles. We produce nozzles and nozzle accessories as single pieces, on a small scale and in large scale serial production.

Technical details


  • Cleaning systems 
  • Paper edge cutter 
  • Markers and signing machines 
  • Ventilation and aeration systems 
  • Tank cleaning 
  • High-pressure cleaning 
  • Cutting and separating 
  • Liquid recirculation 


  • Brass 
  • Acid-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steel 
  • Titanium 
  • Tantalum 
  • (Hard) rubber 
  • Teflon 
  • PVC 
  • other special materials are possible 

Spraying pattern

Model examples

Smooth-jet nozzle
Smooth-jet nozzle with pneumatic control
Smooth-jet nozzle with solenoid valve