Gas scrubbing

Gaswäsche mit Düsen von Düsenfabrik

In process technology gas flows are often impinged with liquid. This way, the gas flow is cleaned. One of the parameters of the efficiency of a gas scrubber is the surface of the liquid.

The aim is to split the liquid flow into very small particles. Thereby, for example, environmentally hazardous substances can be washed from the exhaust gases of big incinerators.

Paper industry

paper industry

In paper production the cellulose fibres are first soaked in water. They are then dried on sieves which are similar to conveyer belts. After the drying process the proportion of water of the paper has been reduced from around 99% to less than 10%. Then the dried paper is sprayed evenly with a starch solution. It is important for this so-called sizing that the solution is applied uniformly and that no drops form on the surface.

Food industry

powder milk and yellow spoon

In the food industry spray-drying is used frequently. One example is the production of milk powder. The solution that has to be dried is atomized by a nozzle in a hot airflow. In split seconds the liquid drops turn into powder particles which are separated from the air flow by a cyclone separator.

High pressure and steam

Braunkohlekraftwerk im Rheinland

Large plants use cooling towers to release hot water back into the environment. To do this, the hot water is injected at the lower edge of the cooling towers. It heats the air in the cooling tower which rises (together with the steam). Cool ambient air is pulled upwards by the chimney effect.

Chemical industry

pulver auf formel

Just like in the food industry in chemical industry spray-drying is used. A solution is sprayed into the hot air stream in tiny drops, where the solution is turned into powder in split seconds.

For coating and covering a liquid is atomized by a nozzle and sprayed onto a medium. As the droplets are tiny, the formation of agglomerations is avoided.

Pharmaceutical industry

In the pharmaceutical industry work has to be done in an especially hygienic and clean way. Therefore, we only use the best material for our clients. Our nozzles are, for example, used for the uniform coating of pills or the disinfection of people or objects.