Mist nozzles

Mist nozzles (also called atomizer nozzles or spray nozzles) atomize liquids under pressure into tiny drops with a large specific surface. The liquid is supplied to the nozzle under pressure and enters the swirl chamber through tangential slits. Here, the pressure energy is converted into rotation energy or motion energy. Around an air core a liquid film forms which leaves through the orifice insert as a hollow cone jet. After overcoming the surface tension, it disintegrates into many tiny droplets.

The mist nozzles from Düsenfabrik are exclusively manufactured in Germany and are subject to strict quality standards. We carry out a thorough inspection of all our nozzles. We produce nozzles and nozzle accessories as single pieces, on a small scale and in large scale serial production.

Technical details


  • Humidification of paper, textiles, air, or tobacco 
  • Air- conditioning systems 
  • Desuperheating or gas cooling 
  • Spray-drying 
  • Mixing 
  • Direct lubrication  
  • Incineration in granulation units 
  • Dust precipitation  
  • Foam precipitation  


  • Brass 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Aluminium 
  • Ceramics 
  • other special materials are possible 

Scattering angle 

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Spraying pattern 

Model examples

Mist nozzle
Mist nozzle with filter sieve
Mist nozzle with thread at the head
Mist nozzle with filter sieve and thread at the head