Nozzles and Nozzle technology

Nozzles and nozzle accessories

Düsenfabrik Leipold is a German manufacturer of high-quality nozzles. We produce nozzles and nozzle accessories ‘Made in Germany’ for industry, craft, trade, and research.

However, our production does not only include nozzles. As an experienced manufacturer of nozzles, we can also provide complete atomization systems, humidification systems, and cooling systems for all areas of application according to our clients’ needs. Typical areas of application are, for example, the chemical industry, the food industry and the pharmaceutical industry, fire protection and air humidification. Some of our clients also need our nozzles for gas cooling, coating of surfaces and paper production.

Nozzle production made in Germany

We offer you competence and experience in nozzle production, technical design of nozzles customer service, consultation, dimensioning of spraying systems, fast delivery, and competitive prices. Our nozzles are produced in Sonneberg, South Thuringia.

We have years of experience with nozzles in different areas. Our clients appreciate our competence in nozzle manufacturing, calculation of nozzles and fast delivery. The manifold areas of application include, for example, gas scrubbing, the paper industry, or the food industry.

Nozzles from Düsenfabrik Leipold are used, for example, in cooling towers of large plants as well as the chemistry industry and pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to our flexible production with a state-of-the-art machine park, we can quickly and flexibly adept to our clients’ wishes. We design your nozzles or produce them according to your drawings.

We produce exclusively in our company and the production is subject to a very strict quality control. On demand you will be provided with the test report and production log.

Extensive product program, nozzles, and spraying systems

Our extensive product program of nozzles and nozzle systems includes smooth-jet nozzles, flat spray nozzles, hollow conespray nozzles, full cone nozzles, mist nozzles, nozzle heads and nozzle systems among others.

We offer a daily delivery.

We will be pleased to advise you. We also produce according to your designs for special applications. Thanks to close cooperation with our clients, we have gained a wealth of experience and know how to advise you. Düsenfabrik Leipold helps you dimension and design any kind of nozzle. We are looking forward to working with you!